Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Hoy no circula

I was driving around contentedly in my Astro van this morning when Alex, a guy in the youth group, called me on my cell phone and informed me that Mexico City had declared a double no drive I couldn't drive today either. I managed to get back home o.k., fortunately, without getting stopped. The bribes collected today I'm sure were excessive. The fine for driving on your no-drive day is over $100. I had the radio on this morning as I took my kids back and forth to school and heard nothing about it. Not driving TWO days a week cramps one's style!

We had a couple new people in English class Jim Cottrill is here...we just finished some "al pastor" tacos and are just chillin out here at the table, two old dudes too stubborn to go to bed...or something like that.

Brigam goes to language school in Cuernavaca on Sunday...and Ty, our Canadian intern for the last 13 weeks, cruises home to Calgary. He is already lamenting that.


Jim said...

Speak for yourself, "old dude".... ;)

Luis Penieres said...

hehe, si cuando vi las noticias del no circula, me acorde de ti, bueno pues pa que te relajes chutate este videillo, saludos