Thursday, February 28, 2008

English Classes, Church Administration and life

Brigam, from Buffalo NY., and Ty, from Calgary Alberta Canada have taken over my English classes (which is appreciated). Instead of teaching every Tuesday and Thursday, they are giving free classes from Monday to Friday. I think Brigam may even expand that to Saturdays. On Tuesday they had 23 students, which is quite a bit higher than the normal average. Of course, I don't buy my class Coke and cookies every day either. I think Brigam's biggest expenses while here in Mexico are probably tacos followed closely by buying Coke for his classes.

Two nights ago Brigam, Ty and I went for tacos late (10:30 p.m.) with Raul, a man from the church. Needless to say, be put down a LOT of food. Last night I also got home late after talking with Arnulfo about church finances and administration. We need to educate the church more in being faithful in giving God what they should, and being responsible with their personal finances. Last night I got home at around 11:30. Arnulfo is a new Christian, but growing a lot and very willing to help in some key areas.

My day today is rather with Alberto at 11 a.m., then book study with Ty at 12 noon, another study with David at 6 p.m., but nothing tonight. As I write Mayra is at breakfast with Aurora and Blanca...going over the women's ministry and praying for each lady.

Daniel went with his school today to Teotiohacan, the Sun and the Moon pryamids just north of Mexico City. He took his (my??) Ipod, our camera, his Hershey Bears hat and lunch. Could it be that Daniel is growing up? Scary! But awesome.

Here's a diagram of what we would like to do in Spain...a stand-alone door structure to paint in a public forum.

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Melissa Roberts said...

i'm so excited to see arnulfo so involved. and daniel...growing up??? i miss him!!!