Tuesday, December 11, 2007

More things for Tabasco

Today I drove to Puebla with another van-load of donated clothing, as well as with 6 boxes filled with school textbooks donated by a nearby Jr. Hi. school, a portable gas stove, a portable electric stove and some kids toys. Elena, Sandra, Nestor and Victor went with me...Mayra was going to go, but turns out Daniel was vomiting last night and David continues to be sick with a cough, so the kids stayed home from school today. Cathy has a touch of something too.

We took the things to Puebla and left them with Tim Blycker. Tim Blycker, Paul Cheshier and Pete Gross, all CAM missionaries, are traveling to Tabasco this Friday. They will also be buying things in Tabasco with the $2000+ that has come in to date through the mission. I actually thought we'd have more money donated by now, but $2000 is better than nothing.

This past Sunday we had a youth emphasis, with probably around 10 young people giving their testimony in front of the church, including Brenda, Nestor, Alejandra, Victor, Adriana and I forget who else. David preached on the deity of Christ.

This past Sunday evening we enjoyed a Christmas dinner, with about 120 pastors and leaders fro about 14 churches in the Mexico City area present. It was Mayra and my turn to organize the event this year, and by God's grace I thought it went well. You can check out some pics on a blog of missionaries who were present there. Click http://mexicomitchells.blogspot.com/2007/12/mexican-national-leadership.html.

Every year, on December 12th, much of Mexico celebrates the Virgin of Guadalupe's birthday. We saw literally tens if not hundreds of trucks coming from and returning to Puebla, on their way or their way back from visiting the Basilica of Guadalupe. So sad...people ride bike or walk or come in trucks for miles carrying statues or framed pictures of the virgin...truly an amazing and an amazingly sad spectacle.

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Mexico Mitchells said...

Sorry to have missed you at the dinner in Tlalpan but we hope we can meet your family in person some day! Marcel also likes to hunt though it has been a long time since he's had an opportunity to go; he will enjoy your photos.