Monday, December 17, 2007

Jessica a.k.a. Franscesca

Yesterday was a really great day at church. Mayra did a monologue as Mary, and all the emotions and struggles of giving birth to Jesus, then seeing Him grow up and be eventually rejected and crucified. I preached on Luke 1:38-56, Mary's Magnificat, then we saw a portion of a video on some of the errors of Marianism...viewing Mary as co-redemptix, as of equal importance as Christ. Mary (Guadalupe) worship is huge here...

Then we went to a market and ate tacos with Samuel and Aurora, Sandra, Alberto, Alberto and our kids. As I walked into the market I realized I didn't have my car I asked Mayra for her set. She told me that Alberto had them. Alberto said he had them, but in the pocket of his jacket that he left in the car! $20 and 15 minutes later a locksmith had the van open. I always wonder what locksmiths like that do in their spare time!

Saturday, Jessica Steele (or Franscesca Acero) came back to visit us after her time here this past summer. Right now she is wanting me to spit watermellon seeds...a fierce competition between us... Today she's spent the morning with us as we've bought some things, among them toilet paper for the rented house that she's staying in...a rather essential item! She made a neat butterfly (well, she said it's a cross) for us to hang on the Christmas tree!

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