Sunday, November 18, 2007


Miguel, Alberto, Alex, Nestor, our son Daniel and I just got back from Tabasco. I'll comment more on these photos tomorrow, but I wanted to post them now.

The downtown area of Tabasco, which is a little higher in elevation, looks totally can hardly tell there was even a flood. But many of the poorer suburbs are absolutely destroyed. In some cases the water covered whole first stories of homes. You can see water lines on a couple of these pictures.

We bumped into Samaritan's Purse while there, with a big scoop tractor and dump truck. The stench was considerable as everything continues to rot.

The rain began around October 28 and continued consistently for about 5 days. What complicated matters was that a dam upstream released a huge amount of water into an already saturated and flooded area. River banks and added sand bag barriers were insufficient. The cars in one picture were totally submerged.

We'll be posting some video soon on Facebook and perhaps other places. Thanks for your prayers...

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Melissa Roberts said...

that is incredible! truly jaw-dropping. wow!