Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Bread and Bread of Life

Today David Gomez and I taught a class at the Puebla Bible Seminary, the class name is Urban Evangelism. It was a lot of fun. We took advantage of the trip to buy about $400 worth of Bibles. Afterwards, Tim Blycker, an old friend from Moody and a co-worker with CAM here in Mexico, invited us out for tacos arabes. Far be it from me to go to Puebla and not eat tacos arabes.

As we were finishing lunch, Mayra called on my cell and told me she was taking David to the doctor again...his stomach was noticable bloated and he had some mega-serious gas and intestinal problems. Sounds funny...and I guess it sort of is, but recently a neighbor boy had appendix problems (is that how you spell appendix??) and they neighbors though it was just a stomach ailment. Anyway...better to get it checked out. As it turns out, David just has a very bad case of the runs, accompanied by some serious natural gas issues!! He's back to normal this evening.

More on our trip...I found out today that we should have a petition of aid faxed to us, as well as be registered with the Civil Protection agency of our local municipality so we don't pay the 12 tolls all the way there and 12 on the way back. More paperwork. But we'll get there.

Please also pray for Samuel...his mother passed away Monday night and the burial was today. I would have like to have been present for this important event but unfortunately had commitments in Puebla. Samuel's mother was a faithful Christian for many years.

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