Saturday, October 13, 2007

Spain in March

For a while now Mayra and I have wanted to visit Spain, partly because of an interest on her part to see Europe, and partly to see how we could potentially help in the missionary endeavor there. Spain is .4% evangelical...that's less than 1%. It is also a very secularlized, postmodern state, where questions of faith, salvation and the supernatural are generally ignored or ridiculed.

Last August while in Dallas we began to entertain the idea of co-leading a trip to Spain along with Brad Bridges and hopefully his wife Lindsey this coming March. The big deal for us is always what to do with our 3 children. We are still working on those details, but it looks like the trip is going to happen. This past week I spoke with Samuel and Luis, our artist friends, about going and they are getting very excited about it to. David Gomez would also go. So we would take a delegation of at least 5 people from Ixtapaluca, as well as other interested people, among them Bill Walker and Rachel Drennan; two interns from last year who expressed interest, maybe Charles Wright and Rikki Pearson too, and who knows who else.

This trip is expensive. The dollar:euro rate is somewhere around 1:1:4. But we really feel that God is leading us to do this. We needs your prayers. We also need your financial support. This could be a really neat trip. Samuel and Luis are already talking about all sorts of ideas as far as painting murals in public places as a way of evangelism (or pre-evangelism), and we're looking at ESL classes and other non-traditional ways of sharing the good news to a cynical, post-Christian (some would say pre-Christian) culture.

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