Thursday, October 25, 2007

Good News (and COLD weather)

We received word yesterday that Andrea, Alex and Paty's grandmother, trusted Christ on Monday. Andrea had heard the gospel several times, and Mayra talked to her for a while about two weeks ago on a Sunday here at the house.

Andrea is a special lady, probably at least 70 years old, but with a sense of humor and a quick smile. About two weeks ago, after a marriage study on a Saturday night, we all went and sang to her, at the request of her daughter Mar. Great to have her in the family.

In other is COLD here! This morning I looked at the thermoter outside and it was 33 degrees! Yesterday was cold too. Feel like I'm in PA!

Please remember to pray for our evangelistic event that is happening next Friday and Saturday nights, from 8 p.m. to midnight both nights. On Tuesday 8 of the men of the church were planning and preparing to convert the church into a very cool maze!

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