Friday, September 21, 2007

Promoting Next Summer

Several nights ago I was talking with Samuel, a man in the church who has contributed in some amazing ways to the ministry of the church here, Sendero de Vida. He and his artistic partner, Luis, where in a contest with several other firms with Kraft foods, to promote Tang, the drink. We got to talking about how we can use his gifts in graphic design and animation to further the kingdom. Our official meeting is next Wednesday. Among some of the initial ideas...a Flash promotional piece for next year's internship program, a church project for the beginning of November and, long term, the production of video segments to be televised, including a series of video productions following the Nooma idea. Below is a sample of some of his work.

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John said...

I am impressed how you continue to use the opportunities that God sends your way to minister. Way to go thinking outside the box