Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Blogging with Friends

In spite of my friend (and cousin) Josiah's best efforts, the site continues to experience issues. He thinks that 7 years of posts and vague meanderings might have something to do with that. Lots of gigabytes.

So in the meantime, while you may have trouble reading my site, let me direct you to others!

All of our co-workers, and even a future co-worker, are communicative. Communicative, mind you, can be used as a euphemism for gossips (chismosos), but I'm not using it in that way! They are effective communicators, how about that!

You can check out their blogs here.

Finding Direction is a blog about our Canadian co-workers Jim and Shari Cottrill and their ministry and family. Right now, if you check it out, you'll encounter news about Canada, as they are traveling in Ontario currently. Their daughter, Hannah, just turned 13. Those of us with teenagers obtain a perverse sense of glee when another family joins the ranks! Jim seems like a calm enough chap, until you get him playing a rockin’ praise song. Then something happens…

 In Avoidance of the Perfunctory is co-worker Tina Barham’s blog. Tina likes to use big words, at least in English. Ok, not really. Tina is our youth leader/community center leader/contact maker. My only complaint with Tina is that she doesn’t make her coffee strong enough, but perhaps she can still learn. Maggie, her pointer, is her faithful companion. Tina is looking to go full-time with Camino Global, and needs some additional funds. If you want to help her out, don’t think about it, just do it! We’ve been privileged to get to know Tina’s home church, Fremont Alliance, of Fremont Nebraska. They have sent a team (or two) to assist the ministry here both this year and last.

Jessie’s Journal is Jessica Nixon’s creative Wordpress site. Jessica is serving with us here in Ixtapaluca for the next year, and has an unfair advantage over the rest of us with all this blogging and website activity, because she actually knows what she is doing! Her graphic design and artistic skills are evident in her website and in her house, which she is transforming into something a bit more livable. Jessica is all about social media, and will no doubt re-tweet and re-face this post.

Malu and Julian’s mission adventures is Julian and Malu Grymaloski’s blog.  Julian is Canadian and his wife Malu is from Monterrey, Mexico. Please note that this blog is not to be confused with Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. We are still a bit uncomfortable welcoming them on our team because they have “malo” right in the middle of their name! Not true! We are excited to incorporate them into the ministry here in Mexico, first with the Howers in an area north of Mexico City, then here in Ixtapaluca. The Grymaloskis plan to be here in Mexico for a total of 6 months, beginning in June.

Chocoflan Thoughts is a blog by Kaycee Kaba (I think that's her real name and not a pseudonym), although Kaycee is of Chinese descent (I think), so who knows! Truth is we’ve never met Kaycee, but Dave Miller and Joe Ramirez vouch for her (which may be dubious endorsement). At any rate, we’re excited about her coming and joining the team here. Kaycee has 10 years of experience with short-term team leadership in Mexico. You can check out her church website by clicking the link: Lighthouse Community Church. She is also in the process of raising support, and hopes to be here in Mexico the beginning of 2015.

Below, Nathaneal with some Canadian geese. No, they are Canada geese. Actually I think they are Canada. Thus, Canadian ducks. Unless they migrate...hmm...they could be bi-cultural. Are they bilingual? Oh never mind. 



ChocoflanChild said...

HAHA. De hecho... soy de ascendencia JAPONESA... but whatever. In Mexico, all the Asians are "chinos" anyways... =D

Dave Miller said...

japanese jefe... and yes, we vouch for her...

Kaycee, don't hold it against him... you know the whole thing about chinos...

ChocoflanChild said...

Haha. Thanks Dave. And yes... I'm making a special blog post regarding los chinos en Mexico... Haha.