Monday, March 05, 2012


Last Saturday night the youth invited the rest of the church to see Courageous, or Reto de Valientes, in Spanish.  Most of the church attended the event, which featured popcorn and a beverage in addition to the movie.

I'm sure most everyone's favorite character was Javier, the Hispanic man in the movie, who had some very funny scenes, at one point mixing it up with a gang member, speaking Spanish to him.

Most of us where crying at some point in the movie...the brothers at Sherwood Baptist have refined their movie-making skills to include a more diverse cast and a more realistic plot.  They went all-out to get you emotionally involved in their latest production.

It was a much needed challenged for us men, to be the leaders in our marriages, families and communities that God calls us to be.

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Quote of the Day: The common moral truths are no less plain to us today than they ever were.  Our problem is not that there isn’t a common moral ground but that we would rather stand somewhere else.  We are not in Dante’s inferno, where even the sinners acknowledge the law which they have violated.  We are in some other hell.  The denizens of our hell say that they don’t know the law—or that there is no law—or that each makes the law for himself.  And they all know better.  What We Can’t Not Know, J. Budziszewski  p.12

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