Monday, November 16, 2009

Sunday, 15th birthdays and Soccer

Yesterday was another good day at Sendero, with great attendance. Martin had to bring up some of the uncomfortable plastic stools to add to the ones already set up. It's a great motivation to be on'll probably get to sit on one of the 35 really nice black molded plastic chairs. If you come get a green, grey or blue plastic stool. I preached on Romans 16:1-16, only to be informed afterward that I should have preached on Romans 15. So next Sunday I get to go backwards in a book.

Sunday afternoon we went to Karen's 15 birthday party, a BIG deal in this culture. In one of the pictures on the Powerpoint they presented, I was baptizing Karen, along with Patricio, a brother from the Iztapalapa church. I had a beard and...was about the same girth... Karen was maybe 8 at the time, during our 6 1/2 year ministry in Iztapalapa (not to be confused with Ixtapaluca, where we are now).

Tono and Becky Munoz were there, Martin and Laura went, Marco and Aubrey Murillo was a fun time to see people we enjoy being with, and haven't seen in a while, in some cases.

We got home rather late last night...and I was looking forward to sleeping in today. The kids and everyone else had off today, to celebrate Mexico's Revolution Day (not to be confused with Independence Day). But Mayra reminded us that Daniel had a soccer tournament this morning, and had to be at his soccer club at 7:30. David went with us. We drove to a place in the mountains near here, about 40 minutes away, a beautiful town called San Rafael at the foot of Ixtlacihautl (an exstinct 17,000+ ft. volcano.

Daniel's team won the first two games of the tournament, taking them to the finals, where they lost 2-1. Daniel played the second half of all three games. It was fun! A day that started out cold (around 40 degrees) ended up hot under a bright sun.

We finished out the day babysitting 4 kids and having several more neighbor kids in the house. to school again, with a counseling session at 9 a.m.

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