Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Iztapalapa Anniversary Sunday

The Iztapalapa Bible Church, renamed Peña de Horeb a few years back, started Sunday services way back in May, 1995. Mayra and I, pre-kids then with kids, had the opportunity to work with the church from 1997 to 2003. All three of our kids were born during this time.

We initially worked with Toño and Becky Muñoz and José Luis and Magbis León. Later, Charlie Estañol worked with us for three years. During this time we were pleased to see Fernando Hernández along with his wife Margarita, recognized as the pastor in 2001. Margarita went to be with the Lord several years back, the influence of her cheerful spirit still present in the congregation.

Thanks to the generous gifts of four churches in four different states (PA, OH, MI and CA), the church was able to purchase a property at the base of one of the mountains that surround Iztapalapa in 2003. We ment in this renovated property this past Sunday. The service was neat. The preacher, well, I've heard better! Here's some pictures.

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Dave Miller said...

Glad to have a chance to be there... good sermon by the way!