Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mormons and Buildings

I was talking to my favorite Mormon friend Edgardo about the fact that there are Mormon church buildings everywhere.  Often times you find very nice facilities in very small towns.  All Mormon churches here are exactly the same.  He said that some time ago a decision was made that all Mormons all around the world, regardless of their economic status, should enjoy the same worship experience, should have the same type building.  Hmm...can you imagine if Christians had the same policy!  Some of us would be in significant downsizing mode, and others would be blessed beyond measure.

We were in a humongous, Walmart-style full service church recently (I'm not going to say where!) and Mayra commented that if we'd have a space the size of their men's and women's bathrooms in which to meet, that would be amazing!

Of course, if physical structures really mattered that much, most of the two-thirds world would be in big trouble.  But they don't...not really.  The church isn't a building.  The church is us.

Check out a Facebook page entitled Jesus Maria Project and keep abreast of what's happening here through that medium.  There's a link to donate to the project as well, if that's something you'd like to do.  If not...well, watch the short video below.  (just kidding...sort of).

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Short video, How Much Stuff is Enough, by David Platt

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