Sunday, September 30, 2012

Good Day to Worship!

I'm stealing some of Stephen Predtechenskis's photos for this post...I really like the shadows in these pics of the neighborhood. For those of you who have visited us, miraculously the large mural that was painted on the water tower has remained unmarred by graffiti.

We continue, little by little, to transform our community. 37 people near us have wheelchairs, park benches and swing sets are part of our park now, kids have free English and sports classes, several are eagerly learning to play the drums and the guitar. But most importantly, individuals and families are being transformed by God's love.

Today, I suspect we had record attendance, if we'd keep track of those things. Everyone showed up. Eli was there, who married Sergio last summer, with her mother and infant daughter. Arturo and Jessica, with their two kids Jessica and Alexis, were there, reached in part through our community center activities. Miguel and Iris came with their four kids, the first time in a while due to their move to another neighborhood. Everyone decided that today was going to be a good day to worship God together. They were right.

Stephen starts his Spanish classes tomorrow with Arnulfo.

Just got the preaching schedule for Romans. I was assigned to preach through chapters 1,6,7,15 and 16. Good chunk of doctrine there!

Quote of the Day: What must be emphasized in all of this is the difference between trusting Christ, the real person Jesus, with all that that naturally involves, versus trusting some arrangement for sin-remission set up through him— trusting only his role as guilt remover. To trust the real person Jesus is to have confidence in him in every dimension of our real life, to believe that he is right about and adequate to everything.

Willard, Dallas (2009-02-06). The Divine Conspiracy (pp. 48-49).     

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